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”Advisor's List (as of June 1, 2001)

ote: Advisors do not necessarily support all policies of the Peace Depot.

Japanese (in alphabetical order)

* ARAKAWA Yuzuru (Professor, Kagoshima University)
* ARASAKI Moriteru (Professor, Okinawa University / Chairperson, The One-tsubo Anti-war Land Owners Association)
* FUJIOKA Atsushi (Professor, Ritsumeikan University / Planning Director, Kyoto Museum for World Peace)
* FUJITA Hideo (Professor, Rissho University / Peace Education)
* FUJIWARA Osamu (Professor, Tokyo Keizai University / Peace Studies)
* FUNAGOE Koichi (Professor, Nagasaki University / Law, Peace and Social Philosophy)
* GABE Masaaki (Professor, Ryukyu University / International Studies)
* HANASAKI Kohei (Social Philosophy, Social Movement)
* HIGUCHI Kenji (Photo-journalist)
* IOROI Yoichi (Lawyer, Theory on Cooperative Security)
* ITOH Naruhiko (Professor, Chuo University)
* IWADARE Hiroshi (Journalist)/IWAMATSU Shigetoshi (Chairperson, Gensuikin)
* KAMATA Sadao (Director, Nagasaki Peace Institute)
* KAMEI Jun (Journalist)
* KAWAI Goro (Vice-Chief Director, Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Foundation)
* KIMURA Shuzo (Professor, Himeji-Dokkyo University, International Relations)
* KINJO Chikashi (Lawyer)
* KIRYU Hiroto (Photo-journalist)
* KOIDE Shoichiro (Physicist)
* KOMATSU Hosei (Actor)
* KOSEKI Shoichi (Professor, Dokkyo University / Constitutional History)
* KUNIHIRO Masao (Visiting Professor, Edinburgh University)
* MATSUSHITA Ryuichi (Writer)
* MINE Kazunori (Medical Doctor)
* MIZUSHIMA Asaho (Professor, Waseda University / Constitutional Studies)
* MUTO Ichiyo (Institute for People's Plan)
* NAKAJIMA Tokunosuke (Ex-Member, The Science Council of Japan / Nuclear Chemist)
* NISHIDA Masaru (Social Literature / President, The Nuclear-Free Zone Citizens' Network Japan)
* OGAWA Iwao (Professor Emeritus, Rikkyo St. Paul's University / Physics)
* OGAWA Kazuhisa (Military Analyst)
* OISHI Yoshino (Photographer, Photo-journalist)
* OKAMOTO Mitsuo (Professor, Hiroshima Shudo University / Peace Studies)
* OKURA Tadao (Lawyer)
* SAITO Tatsuo (Journalist)
* SEKI Chieko (Journalist)
* SHINDO Eiichi (Professor, Tsukuba University / International Relations)
* SHIRATORI Kiichi (Physicist)
* SHONO Naomi (Professor Emeritus, Hiroshima Jogakuin University / Physicist)
* SUGANUMA Junichi (Science and Technology Journalist)
* SUGIE Eiichi (Professor Emeritus, Chukyo University / International Relations)
* TAKANO Hajime (Chief Editor, Insider)
* TERUOKA Itsuko (Professor Emeritus, Saitama University / President, International Citizens' Network)
* TSUCHIDA Takashi (Teacher, Kyoto Seika University)
* UCHIDA Masatoshi (Lawyer)
* UI Jun (Professor, Okinawa University / Environmental Science)
* URATA Kenji (Vice-President, IALANA)
* UTSUMI Aiko (Japan-Asia Relationship Studies)
* YAMADA Osamu (Free Lance Journalist / South East Asia Studies)
* YAMAGUCHI Senji (Co-Chairperson, Hidankyo)
* YAMANAKA Masatake (Baseball Club Manager, Hosei University)
* YOSHIDA Yoshikiyo (Peace Campaigner)
* YUGE Toru (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University and Ferris University / Historian)
* (two anonyms)

Overseas (in alphabetical order)

* Colin ARCHER (Secretary General, International Peace Bureau, Switzerland)
* Walden BELLO (Co-Director, Focus on the Global South, Philippines / Thailand)
* Jacqueline CABASSO (Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation, USA)
* Joseph GERSON (American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), USA)
* Robert D. GREEN (Commander, Royal Navy (Retired), MPI, UK / NZ)
* Owen GREENE (Dept. of Peace Studies, Bradford University, UK)
* Nicky HAGER (Peace Researcher, Campaigner, NZ)
* Carol JAHNKOW (Executive Director, Peace Resource Center of San Diego, USA)
* Rebecca JOHNSON (Director, The Acronym Institute, UK)
* Peter JONES (Former Vice-Chairperson, War Resisters' International, Australia)
* KIM Yong-Han (Chairperson, Korean National Committee to Claim the Return of the US Military Bases, ROK)
* Daryl G. KIMBALL (Executive Director, Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers, USA)
* David KRIEGER (President, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, USA)
* LEE Jang-Hie (Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, ROK)
* LEE Pil-Ryul (Professor, Faculty of Gen. Education, National Open University, ROK)
* Nic MACLELLAN (Journalist, Australia)
* Pamela S. MEIDELL (The Atomic Mirror, USA)
* Oliver MEIER (Researcher, Verification Research, Train and Information Centre, UK)
* Otfried NASSAUER (Director, Berlin Information-Center for Trans-Atlantic, Germany)
* Alexander I. NIKITIN (Director, Center for Political and International Studies, Russia)
* Robert S. NORRIS (NRDC, USA)
* Jon NOTT (Vice Chair, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK)
* PARK Hyun-Seo (Ex-Professor, Hanyang University, ROK)
* Jurgen SCHEFFRAN (INESAP, Germany)
* Lopeti SENITULI (Former Director, Pacific Concerns Resource Center, Tonga / Fiji)
* Roland SIMBULAN (National Chairperson, Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition, Philippines)
* Roger SMITH (NGO Committee on Disarmament)
* Fran TEPLITZ (Peace Action Education Fund, USA)
* Alyn WARE (Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy, MPI Parliamentarian Network, USA / NZ)
* Robert E. WHITE (Center for Peace Studies, University of Auckland, NZ)
* Patti WILLIS (Resource Coordinator, Pacific Campaign for Disarmament and Security (PCDS), Canada)

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