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◆Shanghai Workshop : A Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone and Misssile Control in Northeast Asia
July 16-18, 2004  Institute of International Studies, Fudan Universiry, Shanghai  
     Cosposors: Institute of International Studies, Fudan Universiry & Peace Depot

Workshop Participants are as follows:
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CHINA SHEN Dingli Institute of International Studies, Fudan University US Non-and Counter Proliferation Policies in Northeast Asia
XU Weidi Institute for Strategic Studies, National Defense Universiry Regional Contribution to the Global Nuclear Disarmament
LIU Xuecheng China Institute of International Studies Chinese View on the Missile Defense and Missile Control
SHI Yuanhua Institute of International Studies, Fudan University Security Environment in Northeast Asia
ROK CHEONG Wooksik Civil Network for a Peaceful Korea US Missile Defense and ROK Peace Movement Responses in ROK
KANG Jungmin Freelancing Nuclear Analyst Nuclear Free Korean Peninsula and Energy Support
Japan UMEBAYASHI Hiromichi Peace Depot Proposal of a Model Northeast Asia NWFZ Treaty
Model NEA-NWFZ Treaty(draft 4)
Note to Model Treaty(draft 4)
KUROSAKI Akira Rikkyo Universiry Missiles and Missile Control System in Northeast Asia
TAKAHARA Takao Meijigakuin University Nuclear Armamanet and Disarmament in Northeast Asia
NAKAMURA Keiko Peace Depot Japan's Policy on Missile Defense Deployment
Germany HAGEN Regina International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation (INESAP) Missile Defense and Space Weaponization
SCHEFFRAN Jurgen INESAP Co-authoring with Regina Hagen


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