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Last Update: 24 March 2016
   What's New People of Faith in Japan Call for Japan to Stop Relying on the U.S. Nuclear Umbrella and to Move toward the Establishment of a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone
12 February 2016
, Tokyo
Under the initiative of four religious leaders in Japan, a campaign of the people of faith in Japan calling for the establishment of a NEA-NWFZ was launched on February 12, 2016. Peace Depot serves as the secretariat of the campaign.
  2015 NPT Review Conference- NGO Workshop
Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Contributes towards Global Nuclear Zero:
Pursuing a shift of security policy on nuclear weapons

30 April 2015, UN Headquarters in NY

2014 NPT Preparatory Committee - NGO Forum
Time for Action to Establish a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone

30 April 2014, UN Headquarters in NY

2013 NPT Preparatory Committee - NGO Workshop
The Future of the Peace Process and Prospects for a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in Northeast Asia
60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice

25 May 2013, UN Office in Geneva

  2012 NPT Preparatory Committee - Report of the NGO Workshop
Towards Cooperative Security in Northeast Asia Six-Party Talks,NEA-NWFZ,Nuclear Fuel Cycle–

7 May 2012,
UN Office in Vienna

Mayor of Nagasaki submitted the NEA-NWFZ signatures of the 409 mayors to Vice Foreign Minister of Japan.
Statement of Support for a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone
Endorsed by 409 mayors (As of 3 June 2013)

  Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014 - The First Step toward Nuclear Free Scotland
[Nuclear Weapon & Nuclear Test Monitor No.415-6] Special Interview-49
By Maria Kim, Published: Jan 15, 2013

My Dream is to Save Our Children from Radiation
[Nuclear Weapon & Nuclear Test Monitor No.408-9] Special Interview-47
By Maria Kim, Published: Oct 1, 2012
Related Article: “My Dream is to Save Our Children from Radiation”(pressenza,
October 16, 2012)

US Navy Set Missile Defence Operations Area in the Sea of Japan 
190 Kilometres West of Okushiri:
Japan as a Base for the Defense of the US Homeland.”
by Hiromichi Umebayashi (Nautilus Special Report 06-42A May 30th, 2006)

Peace Depot Working Paper No.1 E
"A Model Treaty on the Northeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone"

2004 Command History --- USS Cutis Wilbur and USS Fitzgerald

Toyota Final Report (a summary)

Demilitarizing for True Peace and Stability--Civil Society's Initiative for Northeast Asia Regional Security Frameworks (a report) --- October 2005

2005 Report Card
Evaluating Implementation of the NPT13+2 Steps-- Japan's Report Card on Nuclear Disarmament--
An assessment, from Japanese citizens’ perspectives, of the Japanese government’s efforts for the implementation of the 13+2 steps in the Final Document of 2000 Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).
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